Baptist Chaplaincy Relations (BCR) Spring Chaplaincy Training in April 2023

Baptist Chaplaincy Relations (BCR) is a partnership between Texas Baptists and Virginia Baptists.  BCR exists to endorse various types of Chaplains and to offer ongoing training and support.  They have blessed GraceInside greatly in recent years (especially during the pandemic, with two internet-based, streaming training conferences).   Each year this group offers on training conference in Texas and one here at the BGAV Building (where GraceInside’s Central Office is located) in Henrico, VA.  GraceInside is always invited to participate.  Last year we had a sizeable group come to Richmond for the spring training event.  This year we did not have the funding to pay for mileage, hotels, food, etc. for our Chaplains that would have had to travel, so we had a smaller group of (largely local) participants.  We want to thank BCR for “scholarships” that covered the registration fees for all seven (7) of our participants.  

Here is a “God story” that we’d like to share.  Three of our Chaplains from far Southwest Virginia (Chaplain Clifton Cauthorne, Chaplain Randy Reagan, and Chaplain Daniel Theiben) really wanted to come to this training.  They were willing to travel “on their own dime” and had originally planned to sleep in a back yard shed on an air mattress (it’s a long story).  When JT Clark (Founder/Servant Leader of My Brothers’ Crossing) – who was himself attending the training and also sponsoring Chaplain Doug Huff so he could attend – got word of this, the Holy Spirit led him to take immediate action.  You see, the week before the training another Christian Brother had blessed Brother JT by giving him funds to pay for his lodging.  Actually the man had given him more than enough.  He had an “overflow”, and that’s how he had rented the hotel room for Chaplain Huff.  Well, JT still had some funds left from this gift.  So he negotiated with the hotel and was also able to cover rooms for the other three GraceInside Chaplains (from Southwest Virginia).  Is that a MIRACLE or what? Talk about being your brother’s keeper! 

GraceInside wants to thank both Baptist Chaplaincy Relations (BCR) and My Brothers’ Crossing for their generosity and kindness to us and to our Chaplains.  May God richly bless both of these wonderful ministries!!!  (Also, congrats to JT and Terri Lee Clark on the birth of their new granddaughter, Byrdie Jane!)

Also, congrats to Chaplain Nick Meyer (Coffeewood) and his beloved wife Rachel on the birth of their new baby boy!

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