Chaplain Spotlight: Donna Smith

Greensville Correctional Center, S-2

“My first full-time appointment as a Methodist pastor was in a small rural town.  I served the church there for four years.  Unfortunately, when my time for re-appointment came, only a part-time pastor position was available.  That meant I was back to being a bi-vocational pastor (serving a church part-time and possibly working a secular job also).  As I prepared to move to my next church appointment, my District Superintendent, knowing I needed a part-time job as well as a church, asked if I had ever thought about prison ministry. Prison ministry had never been on my radar, but then neither had being a pastor!  However, over the years I have gotten used to God speaking to me in often unexpected ways. I have also learned that God’s plans always work better than my plans. I was referred to GraceInside and by God’s grace, I received my perfect calling. 

I have been blessed to serve as a Prison Chaplain at Greensville Correctional Center for over 7 years now! Coincidentally, the church I have pastored for the past 7 years is just up the highway,  only about 2 miles from the prison.  Coincidence? No. God-incidence!

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