GraceInside Receives TWO $2,500 Grants to Assist with Hours Needed for Chaplaincy on the Geriatric Unit at Deerfield Correctional Center

The Lord has truly blessed GraceInside recently in regards to additional financial support to help with chaplaincy hours for the Geriatric Unit at Deerfield Correctional Center (Chaplain Lynn Robinson).  On December 8, 2022, we received a $2500 “Seeds of Hope” grant from the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia.  Hallelujah!  Then on January 6, 2023, we received a “Micah 6:8, No Harm Do Good” endowment grant of $2500 from the Virginia United Methodist Foundation (VAUMF) – also to assist with geriatric ministry at Deerfield.  A double Hallelujah!!!

We truly thank and praise God and His people for their goodness in caring for these elderly men incarcerated at Deerfield.

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