Chaplain Spotlight: Tommy Armstrong

Dillwyn Correctional Center

The way I became a part of the GraceInside Family was:
When I was in high school, most of the kids I hung out with knew I would end up in prison.

God knew I would, too, but as a Chaplain.  Glory to God!

My deepest thanks to Rev. Cecil McFarland, who saw something in me, something that I didn’t know I had.  He saw that I had the capacity to love and not judge.

My “most positive moment” in this God-given ministry is every day. Every day I come into the prison empty, and those men and staff at Dillwyn Correctional Center always seem to fill me up, because I get one more day to share Jesus!  And not just with my words, but most of the time with my actions.

“Matthew 11:28-30”

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