The Gift of a Food Tray Leads an Inmate to the Light of Christ

by Chaplain Darrell Hunley, Pocahontas State Correctional Center Today I was working in my office in the prison when my inmate clerk jumped up and excitedly ran into the hallway. He had just seen an old friend. The two men had huge smiles on their faces, and they hugged each other like they were long […]

An Inmate Becomes a Light for Jesus!

by “Larry,” an inmate at Green Rock Correctional Center I was raised in a Christian family and gave my life to Christ, asking Him to come into my life when I was 14 years old. However, by age 18 I had turned from Jesus, choosing to follow my own worldly desires and to “do my […]

Sharing in the Light

by Jerusha Tiller, FCCW COVID hit institutions hard: schools, childcare programs, hospitals. retirement homes, nursing homes and prisons were affected. At Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women, we had additional challenges like staffing shortage of both officers and volunteers, and as a result, our religious programs were affected. Our program numbers dwindled as schedules shifted and […]

Dancing with Jesus

GraceInside is very blessed to have Chaplain Daniel Theiben set apart to minister to the men incarcerated in the Virginia Department of Corrections’ (VADOC’s) “Restorative Housing Units” (the most secure and lonely cells at the two highest security state prisons – Red Onion State Prison and Wallens Ridge State Prison – both located in Wise […]

All of Us are Broken, but None are Beyond Hope

by Chaplain Nick Meyer, Coffeewood Correctional Center In October 2022, some inmates from the Spanish church group approached me to ask about getting baptized. I coordinated with a couple of volunteers who brought a 12-part teaching on baptism for the full church, approximately 30-40 inmates. By January 2023, they had finished these catechism classes and […]